Diaconate (Deacon) Ministry

The Diaconate (Deacon) Ministry serves the Disciples of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church by assisting the Pastor in ministering to the spiritual and practical needs in love and compassion while ensuring the fiduciary responsibilities of the church are maintained through competent stewardship of church resources.

Deacon Enos Warren

Chairman of Deacon Ministry

Serving Families 

R - Z

Deacon Enos Brents

Serving Families 

A - I

Deacon Derrick Stapleton

Serving Families 

J - Q

Deaconess Ministry

The Deaconess Ministry serves as an extension of the Deacon Ministry by assisting the Pastor in caring for the congregation with an emphasis on Pastoral Care and Ordinance preparation to ensure reverence to the Lord is maintained.

Minister Felinice Warren, Chair

Bernadette Brents

Cecelia Upshaw