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May  Message


Detours that Reveal

What's on the Inside

                                                         Written by: Katie Beard, Director

Christian Education 


Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.

We may not always believe that God is present during hardship, but He promised He would always be with us.  Genesis 37 details the beginning of Joseph’s painful detours because of his dreams that he was eager to share with his beloved family.  Detour #1 – Sold into slavery by his beloved brothers; Detour #2 – Imprisoned for a crime he did not commit.  Who, but God would allow what led him to his detours, his dreams, and his interpretation of them to be the very thing that would take him from the confinement of the prison walls to the luxury of the great King of Egypt Palace?  I’m sure Joseph, as a young boy never imagine that his brothers, whom he loved, would do such a hideous thing.  As Joseph had to call upon something he had no idea was inside of him to survive, his unwavering faith in God.  We too must walk down our road of life detours no matter how painful to have what God has put inside us revealed. 


I’m sure none of us would like to have detours in our lives, but how are we to know what’s inside of us if we don’t embrace those detours.  We must walk the detours of life that are filled with shame, pain, hideous acts from others and ourselves, loneliness, being scared, having doubt, illness of cancer, abuse, death, and loveless relationships.  These detours will reveal what’s inside of us.  Things we don’t even know are there such as strength, peace, courage, power, kindness, love, forgiveness, commitment, empathy, happiness, and humility. We must not only remember what Joseph did, which was to never give up on the God who could deliver him.  But more importantly, we must also remember what Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior did on the cross for each of us.  Although Jesus’ death on the cross was not a detour, it was a road He had to travel in obedience to God the Father and because of the great love he has for each of us.  He willingly allowed Himself to be crucified because He knew that without His sinless sacrificial death on the cross, burial and resurrection, we would not have been restored to kinship with our heavenly Father and have access to eternal life.  We must understand as Joseph did in Genesis 50:19-20 NLT, which states “But Joseph replied, “Don’t be afraid of me. Am I God, that I can punish you?  You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.” and then do as Jesus did, obey, because God is always in control.   By remembering what Joseph did and doing what Jesus did, we will see and understand how the detours shape and give us courage to use what God has revealed is inside of us.


Embracing what God has put inside of us will allow us the courage to free ourselves from the weight of retribution when we encounter evil on our detours.  Only God has the power to punish evil because He is God, and we are not.  If God chooses to punish those who have caused some of our detours of life, God will punish, not us.  God is God all by Himself, and He doesn’t need our help with anything.  God simply wants our praise and worship, which is a sign of our great love for Him and freedom in Him.  When we are free in God, we will love others and ourselves more, study God’s Word more, forgive others and ourselves more, volunteer more, work tirelessly for God’s kingdom and His disciples, gossip less, and criticize less. Disciples of Jesus the Christ and all Pleasant Grove Baptist Church members, who are still walking on this side of heaven, what an awesome church and individual we would be if we would just free ourselves of the shackles binding us to this world. 


For some of us who have fewer years left than what we have lived, don’t you think it’s about time to live free.  Live free by embracing the detours of life so that what God has put on the inside of us will be revealed and be an example to others.  Live Free, my sisters and brothers.  Live Free!

Your humble servant, Katie


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